seeing, not just looking, means everything. 

i create and deconstruct.

i come from that sandy part of west texas where mesquites still outnumber people 1000:1.
on the banks of the brazos i fell in love with the wild. it's where i learned the hot breath and smell of a horse was salvation. it was there i began to learn the art of digging and covering up with words and images. to hide, protect, and project. 

besides what you see here i am a budding organic herbalist, documentarian, impact consultant and community organizer. i facilitate workshops for PEACE, led around principles of healing trauma and cultivating self love with incarcerated woman and within the community. my soul's other artistic focus is a mixed media piece on memory and identity that discusses family bonds and breaks and how when wars rage, we are all in it together.

i am – blue and amethyst, red and grey and water rolling. i am ever mindful of answering what calls me: service to others, recognizing love in every one, every place, every thing. 

i believe in real justice - inherent, inclusive, and unifying.  empowering individuals heals communities; connecting people saves lives.

so look deeply, 
listen intently. love wholly.

you light the way, c xo 

i work with entrepreneurs and other artists to remove obstacles and find c l a r i t y and purpose of time and voice -  reach out to learn more about this service. 

available for photo and video bookings


*prints from most projects are available to purchase, even if not in the store yet. 

 self portrait nuevo mexico

self portrait nuevo mexico

PRINTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE! any and all galleries. reach out and let me know...

my Czech grandmother, hermina, (hattie) played the drums. she was magnificent.

she shined nobility. she carried magic grace. and she always passed out juicy fruit at the start of mass.

hattie kept meticulous journals. she lived to be 101. i have her worn and beautiful drum sticks.